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About Us


Developing and integrating wireless networking technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions to increase efficiency of operations of businesses and governments. We envision a seamlessly connected urban environment which optimizes each operation to achieve sustainability and a minimal energy footprint.


To become the leader in providing innovative products and solutions in waste, energy, water, agriculture, environment and transportation management. Our primary thrust is in capturing data wherever possible, communicating it and thus enabling automation and smart data-based decision making, therefore reducing costs for the clients by improving efficiency and also improving the environment.

R & D

Cognito has been investing heavily into R&D. In IoT, Imaginations are boundless and opportunities are infinite. With a well equipped Lab and a young enthusiastic team, we are exploring the infinite opportunities available and creating new solutions almost everyday. We are sure that by building a repertoire of solutions addressing the various pain areas that exist in the world today, we shall be in a position to address any automation need in any market segment in future.

System Software

An IoT design can never be good without an expertise in Systems Software. It is through this that a perfect symphony can be achieved between the application software and the hardware. Cognito has spent an immense amount of resources in building a team of Systems Software experts who are capable of real-time programming of the most complex of hardwares. Our entire systems software designing is in-house. An incredible number of hours are devoted to perfecting the software by comprehensive and repetitive testing under hostile environments.

Application Software

IoT uses real-time communication with the Servers, and the application has to be real-time. The interface has to be very versatile and user friendly. For this, Cognito has invested resources into creating a team of Real-time programming experts which can collate the data from the vast variety of sensors and present the same in an intelligible format for the user or the administrator. Expertise in a variety of programming languages is required to achieve the same. Cognito has an expertise in Cloud Computing as most of the applications are hosted in a Cloud environment.

Hardware Designing

Not many companies in India can claim to have an expertise in the hardware area. Cognito has a team which has a number of hardware experts who can create state-of-the-art designs using the latest innovative technologies and the variety of sensors that are evolving on a daily basis. We have an in-house PCB designing expertise and create new circuits and PCB designs in a matter of a few hours. Immense research has gone into creation of hardware design of our products with the most frugal power requirements as is necessary in most of IoT designs.


“Everything that can be automated will be automated” is the mantra of Cognito. To fulfil this mantra, the Cognito team is continuously on the lookout of opportunities where a manual tedious process can be replaced by automation by way of IoT. We undertake brain-storming sessions to identify the pain areas and how IoT can be used to address those pain areas. Cognito has been able to deliver a number of such innovative solutions to its customers. One major breakthough we have achieved is an extremely low Sleep Current in our Sensor devices.


Services are the backbone of any successful organization. Cognito realises this and thus we back up our products and solutions with after sales services. We also have an expert team to handle most of the complaints telephonically. In case the problem cannot be solved over telephone, we take up the remote control of our customer’s computer and provide the solution to them. We also provide IoT as a Service to our customers. Thus we are open to taking up projects on a BOOT or PPP model.

Ajit Mittal
Ajit Mital (Cofounder,Technology )

Ajit has over 25 years of experience in the field of Information Systems while being the Founder and MD of ACME Digitek Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , a major System Integrator in U.P . He completed his B.E (Honors) in Electrical & Electronics from BITS Pilani. He has a strong talent for innovation in electronics and clubs it with his rich experience to create full fledged IoT and cloud based solutions.

Nitish Mittal
Nitish Mital (Cofounder,Technology )

He completed his B.Tech and M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Communications and Signal Processing. He has a knack of visualizing and conceptualizing new ideas in simple terms, and adds it with his good academic background to get things done. Currently he is also pursuing his PhD from Imperial College London under the prestigious Marie Curie scholarship , working on the topic of energy efficiency and increased capacity of the next generation wireless networks (5G) and Internet of Things.

Pradeep Garg
Pradeep Garg ( Cofounder,Business Strategy)

Pradeep has a vast network in the government sector having worked with Indian Oil Corporation for nearly 15 years. He completed his B.E (Honours) in Electronics and Electrical Communications from Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Chandigarh and MBA in Leadership from EDHEC Business School in Nice, France. He integrates his rich experience in marketing with his knowledge of the current trends in the field of Internet of Things.

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