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Cognito IOT Based BTS Monitoring System

Solution Requirements of BTS Sites

There is a need for a site monitoring solution that can make the basic site health parameters available to a remote operations center via the IP in-band as well as via an out-of-band communication channel.

The basic site health parameters need to be collected via suitable sensors that are wireless. Field experience indicates that any wired sensor setup is subject to tampering (accidental or intentional) and hence is a risk to be avoided.

The wireless sensors need to be extremely low power consumers and must support one or more of the available robust wireless standards like BLE, Z-Wave, Zigbee or similar.

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The solution is based around a controller unit that collects and stores the data that each wireless sensor generates. The controller unit then transmits the collected data/log/trace over a wireless protocol to a Gateway which then uploads it to a remote/cloud server at the defined intervals. All data transmitted is encrypted and secure.

The solution comprises of the following :

• There is one Controller Unit at each BTS Site, and different types of Sensor Nodes for performing various functions.

• The Sensor Nodes being proposed are based on an Atmel Microcontroller Chip.

• The Sensor Nodes take the readings of the sensing parameters that have been assigned to them, and send them to the Controller Unit on a pre-defined interval or on reaching certain pre-defined thresholds, which shall be remotely configurable.

• Some of the Sensor Nodes are battery operated and some are operated on AC mains.

• The connectivity between the sensor nodes and the Controller Unit is wireless, and it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for this purpose.

• Controller unit is battery backed up by re-chargeable Lithium Ion Batteries. It also has a RJ-45 Ethernet and a Wi-Fi Interface.

• The Controller Unit gathers the data from the sensor nodes and transmits it to a Gateway. There can be one or more Gateways in a defined area. The connectivity between the Controller Unit and the Gateway is LoRa.

• A Wireless Serial Interface is provided for connectivity to the BTS Equipment for Remote Monitoring of the BTS.

• The solution also includes a power recycle actuator to switch off the BTS and then Switch it on after a pre-defined interval.

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