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Cognito Smart Parking Sensors & Controllers

Current Parking System

The current Parking Management systems are either completely manually operated or they are partially automated. Firstly, the users are not aware of the available parking lots in an area. Then a user has to reach a parking lot to know whether parking is available there or not. Once the user is allowed entry into a parking lot, the user has to search inside the parking complex for the free space to park the vehicle.

Parking Owner’s Problems

• Manual Management of Parking Slots results in inefficiency.

• Parking Slots may go empty for time periods resulting in financial losses.

• Too many personnel employed in parking lot.

• Lack of customized reporting system.

• Increased pollution in the parking complex.

User’s Problems

• Searching for free slots creates traffic congestion .

• A lot of time is wasted locating empty parking slots, and then exiting from the parking.

• Parking at wrong slots may result in long walks and time wastage.

• Lack of transparency in parking charge.

• Increased pollution in the parking complex.

Cognito Parking Slot Monitoring System

Cogito Smart Parking Sensor Modules monitor the Parking Slots in real time. It can be installed in any type of parking lot and can be placed vertically on a Pillar or on roofs or pipes. Its ultrasonic sensor enables it to detect whether a vehicle is parked in the slot or not. These are weather-proof IOT Sensor devices and use Low Power Radio Technology for communication with the Cognito Gateway, which in turn uploads the data on Cloud/ on-premise Servers. They carry a unique ID and name for identification at the Data Centre. They have remotely configurable threshold parameters like Parking Slot Height, Polling Interval etc. for sending status changes. MIS reports can be generated after collecting statistical data.


• Locating a parking space with clear and simple direction reducing traffic congestion.

• Decreases pollution in the parking complex.

• Quick entry and exit to the parking lots with lesser transactional time.

• Availability of parking slot on real-time with the help of web portal & parking App.

• Parking violation detection on real time basis.

• Guide citizens in directing to the available parking slot for optimal usage of parking space.

• Real time update of entry & exit of vehicle which improves occupancy levels.

• Increases revenue by efficient systems and reduces pilferage.

• Delights users by saving time, effort & cost.

• Less parking search time reduces carbon emission and controls pollution.

Cognito Parking Slot Monitoring System is a wireless, battery-powered (or Mains Powered), ultrasonic Parking Slot Monitoring System providing data over the Wi-Fi/Ethernet/GPRS network to the Smart Parking Management System. The Solution is based on the Sensing Device (Cogito) and the Communication Gateway (Transeo) :

• Sensing Device (Cogito) : wireless sensors to monitor the status of Parking Slots on real time basis. Sends data through Low Power Radio viz. LoRa/Zigbee to Transeo .

• Information Gateway (Transeo) : Receives Data from the Cogito through Low Power Radio viz. LoRa/Zigbee. Uses Wi-Fi/Ethernet/GPRS to communicate with Server.


• Continuously monitors the Parking Slots in Real Time.

• Robust Waterproof and Dustproof Enclosure for 24x7 operation.

• can be installed vertically on a Pillar or horizontally on roof or pipes.

• Easy installation and no maintenance required.

• Totally independent with internal battery lasting for 6+ years *.

• Low Power Radio communications.

• Pre-configured for LoRa/Zigbee communications.

• Remotely Configurable Threshold Parameters.

• Data access from anywhere via the Internet.

Technical Specifications

Measurement Sensor

40KHz Ultrasonic sensor.

Beam opening sensor measurement


Depth Range

25cm – 300cm




Completely Waterproof and Dustproof Enclosure.


Tough Polypropylene Plastic.


96mm(L) x 70mm(W) x 35mm(H).


Approx 300g (with batteries).

Operating Temperature

-20C to +70C


Battery Operated (non-rechargeable).

Battery Type/Size

4 AA Lithium Iron Disulphide non rechargeable.

Battery Lifetime

6 years (1 reading per day average)*.

Battery Level Monitor

Battery charge state is monitored.


Low Power Radio Communications Options for Zigbee/ BLE 4.0/ LoRa Internal antenna


Internal antenna.

Data Logging

To User or Cloud based servers.

Remote Configurability

Remotely Configurable Threshold Parameters like Parking Slot Height & Polling Intervals.

* Battery life time in optimal circumstances. Actual battery life may vary depending on polling frequency, network communication frequency and various measurement circumstances such as configuration, signal strength and temperature. Sensors are also available with AC Mains Operation.

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