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Cognito Smart Parking

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Cognito Smart Parking System increases the convenience, security and efficiency of the public parking lots. Key features of the system are :

• Locating a parking space with clear and simple direction and variable message reducing traffic congestion.

• Quick entry and exit to the parking lots (on street, off street and multi – level parking) with lesser transactional time.

• Availability of parking slot on real-time with the help of web portal & parking App.

• Parking violation detection on real time basis.

• Guide citizens in directing to the available parking slot and making optimal usage of parking space.

• Real time update of entry & exit of vehicle which improves occupancy levels.

• Increases revenue by efficient systems and reduces pilferage.

• Real time info, Smart meters, ease of payment improve parking operations.

• Clear, simple directions & ease in parking reduces road accidents (effective design and signage for ease of parking, reducing chances of accidents).

• Delights users by saving time, effort & cost .

• Less parking search time reduces carbon emission and controls pollution.

• Flexibility of tariff fixation based on the demand (Peak, non-peak, special events , etc.).

• Identification of parking violations, over stayed events and suspicious parking.

• Availability of real time data for analysis and Business Intelligence which help in understanding consumer behaviour, parking demand and supply , etc.

Parking Slot Monitoring System
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Solution is based on the Sensing Device (Cogito) and the Communication Gateway (Transeo) :

• Sensing Device (Cogito) : wireless sensors to monitor the status of Parking Slots on real time basis. Sends data through IEEE 802.15.4 low power radio to Transeo.

• Information Gateway (Transeo) : Received Data from the Cogito through IEEE 802.15.4 low power radio. Uses Wi-Fi/ Ethernet/GSM/GPRS to communicate with Server.

Parking Entry Management System
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• Automatic boom barrier system .

• Allots parking space according to users purpose and needs.

• Smart parking tickets allocation system .

• Extremely Flexible integration with other Cognito Solutions.

• Ticket generation facility using hand-held devices for outdoor parking.

• Parking charges based on QR Codes/ Barcodes at entry.

• Option for time-based parking charges.

• Payment options include cash/ credit card and other Digital Transaction methods.

Key Features of Entry Management System:

• Outdoor displays/screens showing overall availability of parking slots in that particular parking space.

• Entry Device at Parking Entry having the following capabilities :

- Acts as an Automatic Ticket Dispenser.

- Touch screen for motorist to enter Unique Booking Number.

- Has Near Field Communication (NFC) capability.

- The QR Code in ticket/ Smart Parking Card used at the Entry is retrievable at the exit.

- Boom Barrier at entry is raised when the motorist is issued a ticket or has been identified as a legitimate user.

- Ticket issuing automatically blocked in case parking lot is already occupied to its capacity. Message is displayed and Boom Barrier remains closed.

- The Entry Device is able to detect and report Anti-pass back, Back‐out ticket, Low ticket stock.

• Display device has the capability to display messages in English, Hindi and other Regional languages.

• Provision to capture the image of vehicle and license plate number by using ANPR technology.

• In-built glowing direction signage in Boom Barrier.

• Boom barrier safety and alarm system on vehicular impact.

• Compatibility with Third Party Equipment viz. Fire Alarm Systems etc.

Parking Exit Management System
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Key Features of Exit Management System

• Boom Barrier at exit.

• All the information related to the vehicle is stored at a central server.

• Manual pay station :

- Exit is equipped with a manned pay station (booth).

- The exit booth have appropriate space for keeping devices such as a computer with internet connectivity, QR code reader, credit card reader, printer etc.

- NFC facility for express exit through smart parking card.

- e-Wallet facility with auto-debit option.

- Flexibility of tariff fixation based on the demand (Peak, non-peak, special events, etc.) and parking duration. Tariff is automatically calculated by system and indicated on the screen.

- Manual verification of Vehicle License number at exit.

• Upon Vehicle’s exit, the total parking slots available gets automatically updated.

• Audit trail of each complete, incomplete and cancelled transaction.

• Anti-pass back technology to detect and report any instance pass back.

• Provision to capture the image of vehicle and license plate number by using ANPR technology.

• In-built glowing direction signage in Boom Barrier.

• Boom barrier safety and alarm system on vehicular impact.

• Compatibility with Third Party Equipment viz. Fire Alarm Systems etc.

Parking Guidance System
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Parking guidance system that can show and guide user towards a parking space.

Informative Display Panels

• Indicates available spaces for each parking aisle, bay/zone/level, total parking and is customizable through the Parking Application.

• Easy to understand visual display and has graphical directional and zone status indication .

• Parking user App also displays available spaces in the parking lot.

Parking aisle light indicators

• Light indicators installed for all indoor parking lots for motorist to see the available and occupied spaces from the parking lane easily.

• Upon occupancy of a parking lot, the total available parking slots are automatically updated.

Outdoor Parking Ticketing System
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Comprehensive ticketing system for indoor/outdoor parking. The solution includes the use of wireless handheld device for on‐street and off‐street parking. This device will be used in case of street parking or indoor parking or open parking during peak hours or as a fallback mechanism.

Key Features

• Primary usage is for on-street and off‐street parking.

• Can be used as a fallback mechanism for Indoor Parking during peak hours.

• Connected in real-time with Server using either Wi-Fi or GPRS.

• In case of network failure, capability to transact offline and sync with the server as and when connection is restored.

• Battery operated along with cradle for charging.

• Seamless integration with Parking Entry and Exit Systems.

Street Parking Mode

• Ticket dispensing on arrival of motorist.

• Functions as cash register.

• Transactions get uploaded instantly and automatically to the central parking management system using online connectivity.

Indoor or Open Parking Mode

• Used in case of high traffic at any of the parking lots or during peak hours.

• Can be used as central cashiering device – scans the QR Code on tickets issued by the entry device and issue receipts post payment .

• Capability to print parking receipts and bar coded tickets in real time.

• Ticket dispensing & cash register functionality combined in one device.

Parking App For Citizens
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Key Features

• Online Parking booking facility .

• Different Digital modes of payment – Credit Cards, e-Wallet etc.

• Real Time Parking availability status in parking lots.

• Parking Guidance on Smartphone.

• Parking session ending reminders.

• Flexibility to extend parking sessions/cancel parking bookings.

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