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Cognito Smart Solid Waste Management

Existing Waste Management Processes
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Currently, managing the people responsible for the activity and proper utilization of assets/ resources assigned to them has become a complex job for the Municipal Corporations/ Authorities. The main problems of the existing solid waste collection process are :

• Lack of data of Garbage Bin filled information. Sometimes, the waste keeps lying unattended for several days.

• Lack of information on the real-time status of garbage collection.

• Lack of information about the collecting time and area.

• Lack of identification of location of Bins resulting in unorganized trip schedules.

• Scheduling of vehicles for clearance of bins.

• Scheduling of vehicles in the case of deviation/emergency .

• Lack of proper system for monitoring, tracking the vehicles and trash bin that have been collected in real time.

• Tracking of drivers / ground level department staff.

• Physical visit required to verify employee performance.

• No attendance/ monitoring system to know if the field employees are doing their duties .

• There is no quick response to urgent cases like truck accident, breakdown, long time, idling etc.

• Volume of garbage transferred to Ramps/Transfer station/ Landfill sites, etc.

• No control whether collected garbage is dumped at Dump yard or not.

• Coordination between drivers/ SWM ground staffs/ Ramps transfer station/BRC vehicles/ Processing plants, etc.

• Difficulty in planning and preparing status reports as it is a manual scheduling process.

Cognito Smart Solid Waste Management System

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The Municipal Corporations/ Authorities adopt different systems for handling and managing their Solid Waste based on the type of township, its geography, the vehicles being employed by them, and the availability of landfill sites. Cognito’s Solid Waste Management System aims to address the problems faced by the Municipal Corporations/ Authorities in their entire Solid Waste Management Process being adopted by them. The system uses the various technologies that have evolved to provide data from the various processes and aims to improve the efficiency of those processes. It utilizes tools like Cloud Computing, IOT Sensors, GSM/ GPRS, RFID and other Low Power Wireless Technologies to manage the system efficiently. Key features of the system are:

• Complete coverage of door to door and community collections served by vehicles.

• Provide Real-time identification and location tracking of Garbage bins.

• Real time alert generation based on the level of garbage volume in the bins.

• Efficient monitoring and management of waste collection bins.

• Real time alert once garbage is picked up from a particular bin.

• Manage routes and vehicles dynamically through an automated system.

• Real time management of missed garbage collection points.

• GPS tracking of the waste pick up vehicle for real time tracking.

• Keep history of vehicle routes, attended sites and other details.

• Do Route optimization which shall help in reduction of trip time, fuel saving and serving more locations.

• Number of trips undertaken and bins cleared with exact time stamps for each vehicle.

• Reporting of vehicles, garbage collected and other SWM details to higher authorities from any location at any time.

• Ability to sense/record deviation from schedule, update system and intimate users on the same.

• Integrate the dumping ground and transfer station facilities with the centralized locations.

• Weighbridge interface at Secondary Collection Points and at Dump yards for weight calculation of each type of garbage.

• Monitor and track the activities of field staff force on daily basis.

• Record vehicle entry and exit at station.

• Intimate BRC (Bulk Refuse Collectors) and solid waste staff waiting at ramps in case of delays, emergency cases.

• Attendance Management System - Field Staff.

• Provide the web based management console to monitor and manage the system.

• Facility to define rule and update system as and when required.

• Provision to extract customizable reports from the system and set reporting structure in the system.

• Monitoring & Reporting Application - reports of vehicles, garbage collection status, bin status etc.

• Grievance management and redressal.

Garbage Bin Fill Level Monitoring System
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The system architecture uses GSM communication technologies and Cogito Sensors to monitor the fill-status of solid waste bins in real time. GPRS can also be used, and the Cogito has has to be pre-configured for GSM or GPRS usage. However, GSM is the preferred choice because of larger availability of GSM network in the Indian scenario. These Cogitos are weather-proof IoT Sensor devices which continuously monitor the filled status of the garbage bins. Each of these Cogitos carry a unique ID and name, so they can identify themselves at the Data Centre. These are programmable devices and they can be programmed for the polling interval (how frequently to check the status of the garbage bins), and they are informed about the status of the garbage bins. They can also be programmed to give various status of the bins viz. Empty, Half Full, Full etc. so that MIS reports can be generated after collecting statistical data over a period of time as to the behavior patterns of garbage being filled into the bins.

Key Features of Cogito

• Continuously monitors fill level of Garbage Bins.

• Can easily be retrofitted or pre-installed into any type of bin/ container.

• Robust Waterproof and Dustproof Enclosure for 24x7 operation.

• Can measure any type of collection stream, solid or liquid.

• Proprietary Bin location tracking algorithm for location of Garbage Bin.

• Easy installation and no maintenance required.

• Totally independent with internal power supply lasting for 6+years*.

• GSM/ GPRS communications and alarming.

• Pre-configured for GSM or GPRS operations.

• Remotely Configurable Threshold Parameters.

• Use pre-defined API’s to transmit data to the Transeo.

• Level Measurements are performed at configurable intervals.

• Data access from anywhere via the Internet.

Key Features of Transeo

• Extremely Reliable for 24x7 operation.

• Long Duration Battery Back-up.

• Easy User Interface.

• GSM/GPRS/low power Radio based communication with Sensing Device (Cogito).

• GSM/GPRS/Ethernet/Wi-Fi based interface for communication with the Application Servers/Plug-Ins, either in-house or on Cloud.

• Use pre-defined API’s to transmit data .

• Can be customized to interface with any 3rd party application through the Smart Plug-ins.

Garbage Bin Location Tracking System
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This solution is applicable when the bin locations in the municipal area keep on changing. Fresh empty bins are carried in a vehicle and they replace the filled up bins. In this case the location of the bin changes. Our system uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the exact location of the bin without using GPS.

Key features

• In case of change in Bin location, our system tracks the location of the bins .

• Proprietary Algorithm to track bin location using GSM Network.

• Extremely Low Power Consumption leading to high battery life .

• No additional costs involved viz. subscription, renewal etc.

RFID Based Bin Management System
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The waste collection vehicles are fitted with RFID readers. RFID technology does the handshake between garbage truck and waste collection bins at the time of collection. It can also do the handshake between truck and garages/dumpling yards. The Bins carry a passive UHF RFID Tag and the Waste collection vehicles have RFID readers. The RFID readers identify the RFID tags installed in the each of the collection Bins and read the Bin details. This data is transferred through the GPS device unit GSM/GPRS connectivity to the integrated application. The RFID readers are integrated to the vehicle GPS device unit to achieve this functionality.

Vehicle Tracking & Scheduling System
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Vehicle Tracking System is used to track the department’s vehicle. A GPS navigation device is a used that accurately calculates geographical location by receiving information from GPS satellites and sends that information to the Central Web Server. It provides real-time data and location updates for each vehicle to help determine where the vehicle has been, where it’s going and vehicle wise Bin clearing Status. User can even set parameters in advance and receive real-time alerts about a vehicle that is clearing a bin or has deviated from the predetermined route.

Key Features

Fleet Status Monitoring

• Vehicle travel history record.

• Monitoring & Control of route violation.

• Elimination of Manual, error-prone data collection process.

• Need for real-time verification of what/when/where of the service has been stopped.

• Transparency in Association of Zone-Ward and Zone-Vehicles.

• Tracking of drivers/ground level department staff

• Provision to sense/record deviation from schedule, update system & intimate users about the same .

Door to Door Collection

• Visual monitoring of routes being followed by vehicles

• Report in case of points missed and area served

• Tracking route repetition

• Unwanted Idle time/Stoppage monitoring

Real time management of missed collection points

• Monitor and map all vehicles with real time recording of data.

• Alert in case of missed points.

• Generate an alert if unauthorized movement occurs.

Route Optimization

• Manage routes and vehicles dynamically through an automated system.

• Route optimization resulting in reduction of trip time, fuel saving and serving more locations.

Garbage Disposal Monitoring System
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This system tracks the disposal of garbage at the secondary collection points and at the disposal sites. It also weighs the amount and type of garbage that is disposed viz. Wet Waste, Dry Waste or Hazardous Waste.
The key features of the system are :

• RFID technology is used for handshake between garbage bins and garbage truck/disposal centre at the time of collection/disposal.

• RFID device installation in all the vehicles & loaders.

• RFID tagging of all the Bins.

• Interface with the weigh-bridges at the Ramps/Transfer Stations/Garbage disposal centre to measure the volume of garbage.

• Determination of Volume of garbage transferred to Processing plants, Landfill sites, etc.

• Billing System for Hotels/Restaurants/other Commercial outlets based on the weight/volume of garbage collected .

Biometric Field Attendance System
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The biometric attendance system is for reporting field staff attendance.

Key features

• Bio-Metric Attendance System is fitted with GPRS/any other mechanism to relay each record instantaneously to the central server.

• For staff who have missing finger prints, alternate fool proof system is deployed viz. Smartcards or Aadhaar based authentication.

• The system periodically tracks the location (with time stamping) of the staff through their GPS based mobile device maps it in the system with the pre-defined area coordinates.

Public Grievance Redressal System
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Public Grievance Monitoring System allows the citizens to lodge their complaint with the competent authorities so that corrective action may be taken. It lets the user submit the grievance application either online or by E-Mail or Telephone. All the applicant information required to process the application is filled here. User can also attach documents required to process the application as well as enclosures given with the application. Key features of the system are :

• 24x7 Call Centre to Monitor complaints.

• Complaint registered by Telephone/ SMS/ E-Mail.

• Complaint Assignment to appropriate personnel by SMS/ E-Mail.

• Complaint Escalation as per Escalation Matrix.

• Complaint Status updation .

• Complaint closure report to customer by SMS/ E-Mail.

Cognito Smart Waste Management Application
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The Cognito Smart Waste Management Application integrates all the functionalities of the different components of Cognito Smart Waste Management System into a single, user friendly dashboard. The key features of the application are :


• User Friendly dashboard - Shows ward-wise collections, Garbage transferred to the waste to energy plant, Daily, weekly, monthly collection dashboard, See a particular vehicle on map.

• Live-Tracking of all Municipal vehicles under the project with Garbage collection status in real-time.

• Bin status in Real-time with Automated SMS alerts on Bins getting Filled.

• Indicator for understanding vehicle status –Empty or Garbage filled during transit.

• Trip history tracing for every vehicle during any given period.

• Data stored for min. 6 months at any given point.

• History tracking of all vehicles.

• Marking of all Waste collection points/Bins on the Maps of Software.

• Feedback and Escalation system for garbage collection process.

• Reports to understand the Distance travelled, Trips completed, On-road vehicles, Idle points, Garbage collection efficiency etc are available on regular basis.

• Data backup available on Cloud/any redundant infrastructure.

MIS Reports

• Daily garbage collection status.

• Garbage points/bins collected on Daily basis with time stamps.

• Vehicle wise Garbage Bins collected status.

• Trips Missed/Idle points.

• Breakdown/ Maintenance Vehicles Reports.

• Route Diversions/Trip Change or similar Exception Reports.

• Daily Attendance Reports.

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