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Three tiered architecture

Our system can collect, transmit and process the data from various locations and take some decisions based on it. This data is essentially collected from the environment through our sensing devices called ‘Cogito’. Cogitos can be mains or battery operated, and can sense various parameters like Temp., Distance, Humidity, Moisture, Vibration, stress etc. Each Cogito can handle multiple sensors, and new sensors can be added by simply adding the sensing program, and defining a field in the data that is being transmitted as one belonging to the new type of sensor. They are very rugged and can be deployed in outdoor, unsheltered environments viz. forests, electricity poles, Trash bins, parking lots etc. Due to the extensive R&D activity that has been put into its design and programming, Cogitos have a very long battery life (upto 3-4 years). They are remotely programmable for setting various thresholds.

Once the Cogitos sense the data, they communicate the data by several methods to the Gateway Device “Transeo”. The modes of communication include GSM, GPRS, 3G, and several Low Power wireless radio platforms like Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRa, Zigbee, Wi-Fi etc.

The Gateway Device “Transeo” picks up the data from the Cogitos and transmits it through internet to the Servers located at some distant location (Cloud Platform). These Servers run the Application program, which interprets the data received from the various Cogitos (Cogitos can be hundreds and thousands in numbers), and presents it to the managers in a form they can understand it, and take decisions based on it. The Application has an administrator interface which is used for setting of various parameters and thresholds, and a User Interface.


• Rugged and waterproof.

• Works on GSM/ GPRS/ Low Power Radio protocols.

• Extremely low power consumption for long battery life ( Up to 4 years).

• Remote Programmability.

• Modular Architecture.

• Built in Diagnostics for Self Health Check.

• Optional Real Time Clock.

• Remote Programmability.


• Extremely Reliable for 24x7 operation.

• Easy User Interface.

• GSM/GPRS/low power Radio based communication with Cogitos.

• Ethernet/ Wi-Fi based interface for communication with Application Package.

Cloud Based Application

• Powerful Data Analytics Engine.

• Real Time Status Monitoring & Reporting.

• Easily Customisable as per user requirements.

• Accessible from Mobiles and Tablets.

• Interactive, lucid GUI based User Friendly Interface and Reporting.

• Reports on Mobile/Tablets.

• Interactive Interface.

• Customized Reports.

Key Differentiators

Remote Programmability : A must for a vast, dense and inaccessible network. Few solutions offer this feature. Both the variants viz. the GSM based Cogito and the Low Power Radio based Cogito are remotely programmable.

Low power consumption : The Cogitos work on extremely low power consumption, and the battery life can be upto 4 years.

Communications : We have developed expertise in all the commercially available communication protocols for IoT Networks viz. GSM, GPRS, 3G, and several Low Power wireless radio platforms like Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRa, Zigbee, Wi-Fi etc.

Rugged : The casing is extremely rugged and waterproof.

Scalability: We have created our own packet exchange mechanism wherein you can seamlessly integrate more and more sensors in a single Cogito as per the specific requirement, and add more Cogitos in the network.

Customizable and modular : Since the entire engine of this solution, including the Electronics design and Software (including the systems software) has been created in-house, we can quickly customize the solution as per the specific user requirement and demand.

Wireless : Current solutions are mainly wired networks which bring with them attendant maintenance issues. By designing a wireless system, we have eliminated those issues as well as reduced costs substantially.

Application Areas

Solid Waste Management (Garbage collection monitoring) : A sensor based system to monitor fill levels of garbage bins, and accordingly schedule garbage pickups based on fill levels and bin filling patterns, thus reducing fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

Intelligent Indoor Parking Systems : A slot-wise sensor based monitoring system to provide a complete parking solution with a parking slot monitoring system, entry/exit ticketing, and parking guidance system. Potential to save time and fuel of vehicle owners, and increase space utilization in parkings.

Cell Tower/ BTS Monitoring Solutions : A system based on a variety of sensors to monitor and manage the BTS systems remotely and to troubleshoot the problems that occur in the Cell Towers/ BTS Systems. The system can be used to monitor the availability of power and the condition of battery banks.

Smart Metering : A sensor system to monitor electricity & water consumption patterns in homes and buildings, and do automatic, smart electricity billing. Reverse metering is also possible in case solar panels are installed.

Smart warehousing : With this system, sensor devices can be deployed in various sections of the warehouse to monitor the space occupancy in that section. This will inform the warehouse managers about the spaces that are available in the warehouse for further storage of goods. They can also issue a warning about the possible decay that may happen in an organic product by the duration it has been stored in the warehouse.

Precision Agriculture : A wireless sensor network deployed in agricultural lands to measure and monitor air humidity, air temperature, soil pH at important points on the farm to prevent damage of crops by fungal infections and to do controlled irrigation. The technology prevents overuse of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Micro city/locality level Climate Monitoring : With this system, sensor devices can be deployed to monitor various climate parameters such as Overall air quality, CO2/CO, Smoke, nitrogen, Dust, temperature, Light, Humidity etc.

Vehicle Tracking/ Fleet Management Solutions : A GPS navigation device is a used that accurately calculates geographical location by receiving information from GPS satellites and sends that information to the Central Web Server through GPRS. The information can be accessed from anywhere.

Smart Lighting Systems : Sensors monitor the presence of humans in the vicinity, intensity of light etc. to decide if the lights have to be switched on fully or partially. Intelligence is provided so that energy saving can be done.

Smart Environment : Smart Environment model is designed to monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and some types of gases. The main applications are city pollution measurement, emissions from farms and hatcheries, control of chemical and industrial processes, forest fires, etc.

Smart Water Management : The Smart Water model has been conceived to facilitate the remote monitoring of the most relevant parameters related to water quality. With this platform you can measure more than 15 parameters, including the most relevant for water control such as dissolved oxygen, oxidation-reduction potential, pH, conductivity, dissolved ions (Na+, Ca+, F-, Cl-, Br-, I-, Cu2+, K+, Mg2+, NO3-) and temperature.

Water Pump Monitoring System : This system is used to monitor the working of water pumps in critical locations, and the fuel consumption patterns of the Diesel Generator sets which are alternately used in case of power outages. These use various types of mains as well as battery operated sensors.

Smart Home Automation & Security Solutions : Any device in your home that uses electricity can be put on your home network and at your command. Whether you give that command by voice, remote control, tablet or smartphone, the home reacts. Most applications relate to lighting, home security, home theater and entertainment, and thermostat regulation.

Smart Perimeter Security : Monitors the perimeter of a building or an area by using motion sensor based sensor nodes. In case of a perimeter infringement, the sensor nodes send an alarm to the controller, through a radio network which in turn triggers alarms .

Public and Home Safety (SOS) : Is used to send a S.O.S Emergency message in terms of a crisis. It has a Plug and Play installation, because system is wireless and battery powered. It uses low cost GSM technology for communication.

Smart Tree : An above-ground renewable energy powered wireless ecosystem product for deployment in semi-urban and urban locations. It integrates the supply of self-generated solar energy for wireless mesh network nodes, CCTV cameras and other security equipment, pollution sensors, micro-climate sensors, and street lighting into a single physical node.

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